Another Aussie Build in Perth

Hi all
I’m a newbie and starting another build in Australia- Perth
Just taken the plunge and bought the bundle but struggling to source 25mm stainless tubing
I’ve exhausted most suppliers . Turns out 25mm is almost impossible to find where as 25.4mm is in abundance
Anybody got a good supplier in Australia for 25mm tubing they can recommend

Just found out about this from Teaching tech, he talks about it on his youtube video, includes your current problem.

think it was this video, Sorry cannot post videos, Go to Youtube, look up ‘Teaching Tech’, should be his ‘MPCNC Lowrider2 part 1’ video

This should be the playlist:

Hello @Marcotas, Welcome!

Does New Aus build - #63 by bitingmidge help?

Curious who you end up ordering from, would like to update My own take on the spirit of the MPCNC - #132 by azab2c

Hi @Marcotas and as Aaron has already said: Welcome!

I used 25.4 on the LR2 so haven’t tried to source 25mm but you can get it as wardrobe hanging rail if you look around - I can’t advise if 1.2mm wall thickness is enough for the size of your build. I don’t know anything about this company, and searching in Aus is strangely difficult from Brussels without a VPN, but it might give you an idea of where to start.

Let’s know how you get on - I’ll be back in a couple of weeks and should be able to source some East Coast supply at any rate - shipping should be OK if you have it cut in short enough lengths!

All the best!

Hey Aaronse as soon as I can find someone who can supply 25mm tubing will let you know. So far all requests to suppliers have come back with a ‘can’t supply ‘ response . 25.4mm on the other hand is plentiful

Hey Foxyfox
Thanks for the link. Have checked out the vid but he is using 25.4mm tubing which seems to be plentiful. 25mm on the other hand is like finding hens teeth

Hey Peter H
Thanks for the advice. Will have a look at my local hardware supplier.
1.2mm wall thickness is a concern though with regard to flex.
Anybody here used 1.2mm and can provide feedback?

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Hey Kris
Thanks for the advice.
Checked out the vid, but he is using 25.4mm sourced from our local DIY supplier.
Will continue the search. Hopefully I can find some

Hi Marcotas, MIDWAY METALS MALAGA has all the stainless tubing you need. Got my 25.4mm from here last month. It was cheaper than the galvo 25.4mm tubing from bunnings!

Edit… Oops. I see your after 25mm, give them a call anyway.


Hi Drew
Thanks for the advice. Will give them a shout

Hi mate, I am not sure if you have found a solution, however, this MAY be helpful.
Yesterday when re-educating myself around MPCNC, I saw a video that had a guy using Aluminium pipe on the MPCNC - I did a search and found that you can get 25mmOD in Aluminium pipe, came up in Bunnings. not sure if that helps mate.

Also, the bunnings one is 1mm thick. If you want a more sturdy pipe in Aluminium, I see that Ullrich Aluminium has 25mm OD in 1.6mm and 3mm… PS: they also have 25.4mm.
Hope that helps mate

Hi mate
Thanks for the info. Have managed to find some seamless 316 stainless 25mm od and 2mm thick on eBay but ended up being quite pricey. Given this is the backbone of the machine, I just bit the bullet.
Your msg was timely as the tubing arrived today. Was going to check it out properly before posting . Having mic’d it it is spot on 25mm

Are you in WA mate?

Hi Mate
Yup . Im in WA-Where abouts are you

Here is the info for the tubing if anyone needs it