Annoying noise in new PSU

I recently installed a 30A 12V LED power supply to my printer so I can add a heated bed.

It has the annoying habit of switching the fan on full every time current draw reaches a certain threshold.

At the moment, with only the steppers and the hot end drawing power it’s coming on and off every few seconds.

Anyone else have this?

I know the power supply that runs my 3d printer will cycle the internal fan when the heated bed is running, so it’s normal.

Fair enough, thanks. Hmm, maybe I’ll try a PC PSU mod - the noise is quite annoying.

It should just be a very slight fan noise, if you are hearing something else maybe its rubbing on something in there. Unplug it and open it up.

I might resort to that. Perhaps try a replacement higher quality fan.

Yeah those things are loud the one I had on my 3D printer was very loud too. I opened it and the fan said it took a weird voltage like 16 volts so I didn’t try and replace the fan. I modded a corsair atx power supply and to use and it is silent. I ended up using the LED strip power supply on the MPCNC which I only use as a router outside so fan noise isn’t an issue.