Accidently Reset Firmware on Lowrider V3 Jackpot Controler


I had my machine working great, was working on the squareness test however i accidently reset the firmware on the FluidNC tab for the Jackpot board, no nothing is working (homing, movement, ect)

Do i need to somehow reload the firmware, and how is this done?

Now my web UI is stuck loading, and does not advance

Go here and download the newest version: Release v3.7.12 · bdring/FluidNC · GitHub

Then install-wifi. After that finishes you can upload your config.yaml over USB with fluidterm and it should work.

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Even easier, just erase and reload the whole thing here in a chrome browser, FluidNC Web Installer, then drop our config files back on it from the jackpot docs page.

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So I was able to get everything back up and working. Several things that I noticed… FYI im a mechanical engineer, so the software stuff is a learning curve for me every time.

  1. Don’t reset the firmware, this is what happens when you press buttons you don’t understand lol
  2. Never delete any of the firmware files, I accidentally deleted index.html.gz, this seems to be how the controller talks to wifi somehow and how I lost connection to my controller.
  3. This ESP Controller…
    —EN: Reset button.
    —Boot: Download button. Holding down Boot and then pressing EN initiates Firmware
    Download mode for downloading firmware through the serial port.
    —Was initially not sure what these buttons actually did.
    —The cable you plug into your computer maters. Luckily I have a “box of cables” and was able to
    find one that supported data transfer, not just power. I was struggling for a while because I
    though my cable was working, but it was only powering the board and not enabling data.
    — You need specific drivers on your PC to read this ESP board through the USB port
    After some trial and error with the cable, the web installer made this super easy. I am now back up and running. Just completed my build last week, was in the middle of squaring and leveling when I pressed buttons i did not understand.

Glad you got it sorted out!

This file is the WebUI.

Just to show off, here is my build, I got basically the full kit from V1e. Table is foldable, similar to other designs on the forum.



Great build! Also good observations.
From your perspective, what could be done to make the documentation more clear?

Those of us that have read it too many times are often blind to what might help other folks from different perspectives with build, setup and use.


As for the documentation for the lowrider 3…

In all honesty this documentation is better than some of the documentation that I have seen in the production and manufacturing world. ( I work in lithium ion battery development) There is a fine line between too much detail and not enough detail. I usually lean towards too much detail and try to never assume the capability of the party on the receiving end, that way my engineering documentation is consistent across projects.

This however is a little bit different as all of us users, are not paying for a service. Better documentation takes a lot of time, resources, and more time. And this documentation is sufficient to complete the product, especially when you take into account the Fluid NC wiki as well.

The only thing I would change is adding a structured BOM and Assembly Drawing. Something that can be printed if the user chooses (which I can help with since I feel like i owe this community after all the help i have received with the lowrider build.


The great thing about this community is that we try to help each other. Everyone contribute what they can as they can. Thank you.

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