6-Wire Nema 17 Steppers

Help! I accidentally ordered 6-wire Nema 17’s. I looked up a wiring diagram and omitted the O wires. I was hoping the center taps did not need to be used. I have it wired like a 4-wire and it just vibrates not rotating at all. I flipped the orientation around on my Ramps and it does the same thing. Do I need to connect the center tap to the + or -? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

It should work. there are way to test to see if you have the right two wires for each coil. It is probably easier to watch a youtube vid that for me to explain it though. Then you have to make sure the right two control board wires are being used as well.

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you don’t need the center wires for sure, those are only used if you dont have H-bridge drivers (all common stepper drivers have H-bridges)

I could imagine that you have the polariries inverted, try inverting one if the coils.