500w Chinese spindle

Hi all.

Any of you lovely people uses this spindle and power supply? Spindle

Looking on advise for connecting 220v input and the wiring for the spindle. Problem is there is no instructions and I’m struggling to work out the polarity.

Many thanks.


I’m not sure to understand the question here at it seems pretty straight forward.

Plug the 220V in the two right plugs, it doesn’t matter which wire on which plug.

Plug the spindle wires in the two middle plugs. Here the polarity does matter only for the spindle rotation, clockwise or counter clockwise. If its turning the wrong way, simply swap the cables.

You can plug an emergency switch also in the switch ports, if you want. here again, polarity doesn’t matter. If you don’t need to use one, just use a bit of wire to short it, like it has been done already on the picture.

Easy as pie.

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Thanks for your awesome reply.

I was more concerned for the 220v polarity then anything else.

Many thanks for your help.