4 years!

Continued from here, https://www.v1engineering.com/4-years-of-v1-engineering/

Almost ready with the new “shop” ~600sqft. Still need a bit of paint and lighting, but I am rolling in the racks and setting up this weekend.

[attachment file=93361]

Old “shop”

[attachment file=93362]

You all freaking rock, I can’t thank you enough.


Whoa. That garage looks awesome. Don’t make a mess. :slight_smile:

Pffffft, I can’t wait to make a mess. Well, the little side I hope to be the messy side, the other side I am trying to set up right now and keep it “clean”.

Oh the potential “Tinker/Maker” fun that will fill that space is envy enduring. I love it! That would be so much fun have! Enjoy it Ryan! You earned it!

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Uh oh, I see an issue right from the get go… You need more power outlets! By the time you get your existing equipment plugged in there won’t be any left over for the new projects you need to design and build. :slight_smile:

No way, the old shop had 3 outlets. This new one has 3 circuits, plus a 240! The wall to the right you can’t really see has 12 plugs and 4 on the ceiling. I even looked at the Ryobi garage door openers with the retractable cords built in, the ones here are a security issue they are so old I can’t leave them plugged in or they randomly open and close even after deleting and resetting all the opener codes. So I added an alarm before any boxes got moved.

Slowly moving into it. So far so good.

4 Years 3 car garage (shop) 2 huge updates 1 man. Lol I feel like someone needs to make a poster with that tag line.

The evolution of V1 - 4 years, 4 different garages!

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I finally got some decent lighting up last night (LED shop lights on amazon are awesome), most everything except the label printer and packing table are in the shop now. Today’s goal, get the table out there, catch up on shipping.

Looks like inventory is starting to catch up. The LowRider bundles lasted almost 20 hours. I think today’s batch of both should bring me out of the inventory deficit I have been fighting. I am 50/50 on making it to MRRF.

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Those are nice lights. I bought some of these a couple of years ago and they are awesome:

Always good to have more than enough light. Especially now that you won’t have to replace the bulbs.

Oh yeah world of difference, even the last shop was sorely lacking on light. The new shop floor has a major downside. Anything that drops on it disappears, it seems to have some kind of active cloaking built in. Always looks clean though.

If it’s relatively flat, you can increase visibility by getting your eyes very close to the surface and looking across it. I learned this by looking for missing screws for my hockey skates on the concrete rinks. Or just don’t drop anything.

This thing is the best 40$ I’ve spent at habor frought:


Do they make one that works on carpet for legos?

They don’t make them anymore, but it really looks like something that could be a “Mostly Printed” item.

Found you one

Those both look like great solutions, but I really need to be able to find the one piece that’s still there after the major cleanup and is right where I’m walking on my way to bed.

Sounds like you have no trouble finding it, it’s just that you are finding it at a time you don’t want. I bought my shop LEDs from big orange a couple of years ago and couldn’t be happier with them. I also picked up a magnetic sweeper somewhat like the HF one but without the wheels. It’s found appropriate things for me many time, but doesn’t work well with Legos, PLA parts or aluminum.


Ryan, all you have to do is paint the floor white and those dropped items will stand out nicely … unless they are also white. :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to ordering my kit. Will hopefully finish my printing this week, so you’d better hurry up with the inventory!

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Also hoping to order mine this week. Wife will be travelling for about 3 weeks and would like to do it while she’s gone.


On a completely unrelated side note, do you know what the coating on the floor of your shop is called? That looks like it might be neat to put in my basement.