25 mm build, new files?

Hi all, I slowly started last week to print the 25 mm version from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:790533

I have printed the lock corner(+M) parts, the bottom corner(+M) and the top corner parts. Now I see that these have changed (into “2” version).

Should I print them again? They fit my 25 mm conduit fine…

Also, the IT_foot_bottom seems to have no tolerance whatsoever (diameter is exactly 25 mm) whereas for the other parts there seems to be 0.4 mm tolerance on the diameter (which works out perfectly for me).

I wouldn’t worry about the new corners. The locks do have a tolerance of .4mm.

OK, so I’ll just keep on printing the rest :slight_smile:

However, the IT_foot_bottom does not have any tolerance; see attached screenshot. The rest of the parts have an additional 0.4 mm, but the foot is exactly 25 mm.

If it doesn’t fit feel free to scale the foot there is no problem with that.

No problem, I just figured you would like to keep the tolerances the same for all the parts. :slight_smile:

Personally, I find it better to be 25mm or 25.1mm, that gives you a very tight fit right from the start.
Like this, the part would not flex too much when tighten it with the screws.

The con is that you must have your printer well calibrated.

From an engineering point of view it only makes sense to add some non-zero tolerance. Even when machining on our large CNC mills on my work, we always add a bit of clearance denpending on material, mill, etc. You never design a part to fit perfectly with no tolerance within another part.

Obviously it is difficult/impossible to add something matching everyone’s 3D printer, but that’s not really the problem here. The issue is that the rest of the parts (at least the ones I have printed) have added tolerances, but this single part does not. Again: For me it’s not a problem, but I guess that if you have printed the first parts and they fit tightly, this this one will definitely not fit without some sanding/drilling.

FWIW I really think this project is awesome! :slight_smile: I am just pointing out that to me it was strange to see different tolerances and I honestly thought it was just a minor design flaw.

The feet are the only part that have not been updated to catch up with all the new specs that is the reason for the difference. The entire part is split so tolerances here don’t mean nearly as much as everywhere else. These work, I want to put out some newer feet but there are too many other things to do first.