1/4'' endmill issue

Hello guys, i have some trouble with 1/4’’ 1 flute endmill. I was cutting some spuce and if i go under 1,5mm per pass in z direction the machine crash. Any Idea?

What do you mean with crash? Bit breaks? Arduino resets?

the machine loses revs as if it was under stress. It seems that the tip is not able to be cut. The endmill is a tip from 20 € (not Chinese) With the point 1/8 from the same manufacturer can go down quietly up to 4 mm while the 1/4 if I try to go beyond 1,75mm the tip burns wood and stepper strive so much to lose laps. RPM is set at 12000 while the xy displacement is of 1500mm / min

1/4 bits push hard the machine. Ryan recomend to use 1/8 bits of this reason. May be you have to try lower doc and less feedrate also.

Sorry but where can i find an 1\8 bit that cut deep 2CM? I use 1/4 bit when i cut over 1,5 cm…

Can you post a link to the bit? I run quarter inch bits, have to go shallower, but they work.


Banggood has some 1/8 end mill with 22/25 mm of cut deep or more.

Barry: i cut with the endmill if i cut with shallow passes set not more than 1,5mm.
When i can i will add pics.
Thanks all for links, i bought some endmill :slight_smile: