Zip Tie Hanger for 4" PVC Pipe - for Dust Collection

There have been two suggestions (via Reddit) to improve against any risk of layer separation.

  1. Move weight-bearing bits to have them under compression from the screws. This is now v2.0.
  2. Rotate print orientation to reduce risk of layer separation. This is now v1.1, and I also did both compression and rotated print orientation. This is now v2.1

I wanted some hangers I could attach to the ceiling of my workshop by sinking at least two and optionally three screws through the hangers and into joists, and then using zip ties to attach 4" PVC pipe to the hangers, for purposes of dust collection.

I printed them out of PLA and with extra perimeter walls and extra infill for increased strength. I then used pre-cut and pre-drilled wood between these hangers and the ceiling to get the right height to match existing pipe installed using another type of hangers.

For use of these I strongly suggest using a stud finder in order to be able to hit solid wood.

I remixed this using SketchUp Make 2017 (free version still available for download from Trimble’s website). I am including the SketchUp file in case it helps someone with mods.

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PS: these things work like a charm. 10,000 times easier than the method I used before this. I cannot overemphasize how pleased I am with the function of this part.

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