ZenXY2 Idlers Binding up?

Has anyone had issues with the idlers binding up, snagging, or moaning?
My ZenXY is a few months old, and for a while, it was working perfectly.
It was an exhibit at a local art show, but after bringing it back home, I noticed it was starting to make noises, and occasionally the pattern would drift. (which eventually led to it trying to move past the physical limits.
The other day I laid on the floor under the machine while it was running and identified two idlers that run along the Y-Rail that were the culprit. Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t know how to troubleshoot this besides taking most of the brackets off so I can access the screws that hold them in place.

Interesting. I don’t run mine most days. But my idlers seem fine.

Did you check the grub screws on the motor shafts?

Can you get at them to add some lubricant ?
Like a hypodermic needle filled.
Also for idlers I have used long screwdrivers to use as a ghetto stethoscope.

I need to try that. Do you just touch the idler that you suspect is whining? Or do you also have to put your ear on the screwdriver or something?

You can just touch the bolt or whatever is locking the inner race.
If it’s really bad you will feel it.
But yeah get a long handle screwdriver and just touch the tip then put the handle to your ear.
Obviously watch out for things that are dangerous.
It’s great for alternators or idlers etc.
usually we would give the idler a shot of lube but with belts and stuff might not be the best idea.


It’s definitely the idlers and not the grub screws. (which is what I expected before crawling under the table)

I have some silicon grease that might do the trick, but was a bit hesitant since grease is typically only used in “closed” applications (bearings, etc) I’m worried if I put a bunch of grease in there it will just attract more dirt/grime?
Any suggestions on what kind of lubricant would work well, but also be safe for the PLA brackets and rubber belt?

You probably got a bearing that sat odd in a bag and the grease either separated or seeped out.
I can’t imagine QA is great on those little guys.
I have been using acf50 quite a bit lately.
It has no wax resin or silicone
So would be a good thing to use to trouble shoot quick.
Like a small bit on a qtip
Then while it off if it doesn’t fix the situation then move along the line.
I was going to do a bit of a write up on this product as I have been using it for a long time and currently it has saved my bacon.

Are your belts maybe a bit tight ?