ZenXY Glass Advice

Hey wonderful engineer people! I’m working on finalizing table design for a ZenXY V2. It’s going to be fairly big, almost 5’ by 3’.

What type of glass has everyone been using for the tops? Is full on tempered ($$) glass necessary? Or is a cheaper annealed type feasible? I really don’t want broken glass, but I also am trying to keep cost low.

Any tips are appreciated!! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If people can get near it get tempered.

I found tempered glass fence panels that can be ordered from my local big box hardware store for $80 5’x3’ Nice!!!


They have a myriad of uses. Because of the size increments I’ve used 'em sideways for part shower screens, smaller ones in stair rails… Now, when I run out of projects, I have one more thing in mind! :slight_smile:

Cool. I haven’t had any luck finding tempered fence panels, but I’ll probably check out a couple local glass shops and see if they can hook me up.

I had a local glass store that I was able to order through. I used 1/4" annealed glass for the sand bed and 1/4" tempered glass for the top viewing glass. You 100% have to go tempered on the viewing glass.


After Ryan posted about the glass panels, I did a search out of curiosity. I found this at Home Depot, and surprisingly they were in stock at my local store. I found this on Amazon, which is more expensive per sq. ft., but has a variety of sizes.


Late to the party here, but I had great success buying tempered glass via Craig’s list. I bought two pieces 760 x 1320 x 4.7 mm IRIC, for $6 each from an old farmer who had bought a bunch of it to make a greenhouse then changed his mind.