Zen XY Explanation and a PS Question

Hello, I am printing out the parts to make the Zen XY Table. I like to think of myself as a smart, technical, mechanical kind of person, BUT, I cannot wrap my head around how the belt works. If I am correct, it is one long belt. I understand the routing and how it all attaches. But I CANNOT for the life of me understand how one belt and 2 motors transfer movement in 2 axis.

I have scoured the internet, looked at Core XY machines and they all have an upper and lower belt, basically 2 belts. Is there an animation or diagram out there that can help me? I suppose I could just build it and call it done, but I cannot make something and not understand how it works. Drives me insane.

Also, I nabbed a FluidNC board yesterday and was wondering - 24V or 12V? How many watts are needed for this thing? I want an internal PS and want to make sure I am covered. I looked at the spec sheet on the board and see where there’s a barrel jack, and I can buy a 24V PS from V1, so I am assuming 24V, but when you assume…

Thanks in advance.


In the ZenXY, the belt goes along the back of the gantry and it is held in place there. So it is ont piece of belt, but in the picture above, the red connects to the blue at the top of the core.

There is no reason to use 24V. 9V would probably work.

I was running my ZXY at RMRRF with 250mA per motor. It skipped steps if the magnet grabbed one of the glass plate mounts, so I bumped it to 500mA. The electronics conservatively use 500mA as well. So even a 2A PSU should give you plenty of room. If you build a big table, then it might make sense to double it. But I can’t imagine using 1A per motor.

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For the ZenXY, the belt attaches to the core in 2 locations. Because of that, it acts like the upper and lower belts do in most coreXY designs.

The usual reason for the level shift for the belt system is to simplify the back crossover, where the belts must pass each other.

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Ahhhh, I see. the motors are not X or Y but X and Y, had to get my head out of my behind.

Thank you all!

So, what is the voltage range on the FluidNC Board? 5-30?

You need to look at the specs for your board. This one is 9V-36V:

Well, I see that now. I promise I read through everything and did not see the voltage. My apologies.

That’s the board I bought.


The belts had my head hurting too lol.
Also they have a twist 90 degrees that had me staring at all kinds of pics before I figured that out.
I have same board and just used a small 12 dc adapter. I think was from a old set of led lights. It’s such a fun project

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