Z Touchplate

Just bringing this to the “top” of the forum here. In case others were thinking about it.

Can a guy run single X Y endstops and the miniRambo? If I knew I could get a solid zero on the X and Y everytime I could change my work habits to work with that. Add the touchplate and I’ve got a very capable setup I think. Looks like I’ve got some wiring in store for the holiday break…

Absolutely. The basic firmware (non-dual endstop) allows for endstops; IIRC, you just need to wire it in using the normally open contacts of the endstop microswitches. You should also square it before you energize the steppers.

That’s how I run my mpcnc with a ramps board. Zero x and y with the end stops, move over to my work zero, write down the offset, rezero. Tool change, zero to the end stops again, move to the offsets, rezero. I have hard stops on the opposite ends of the end stops, so I know if the motor mounts are touching the hard stops, it’s square, otherwise I pull them in. If they hit first, it just skips steps until the other end catches up.

I think this is where it gets blurry for me WRT the dual end stops - squaring…if the machine is built square isn’t it always square? What am I not understanding about squaring here?

Nope, grab the center and move it anywhere. Measure from a corner to a roller vs it’s partner. Use calipers.

I assume you mean measure from a corner to each X roller or a corner to each Y roller? If it’s off where is the culprit? The foot mounting or the belts?

Meaning it can and will be different, that is why we use two endstops.

I think the issue comes from the little bit of racking of the rollers on opposite edges, e.g., one X roller will be slightly off from the other X roller just due to the itty-bitty tolerances that exist for smooth operation.

That, and you know, we’re using plastic parts. Even 100% infilled carbon fiber PLA will flex on the end of the lever arms that make up the gantry.

The scales tip back to the dual endstop setup…I printed eight endstop mounts today…must have been a premonition. Hahaha

Mine is plenty square with just a pair of endstops.