Z Thrust Bearing

I done did it, and it is actually working very well!

When I get time I’ll post a video of my primo doing a fast 3d carve. When you guys see it, you’ll understand why I did this as well as the motor fan. I’m thinking of actually making a build post now… my primo is never done but it’s now I think in a stable enough state to share… and there’s enough weird crap to give everyone a belly laugh.

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Got some videos that sorta demonstrate how aggressive I’m running z now:

PCB drilling:

3d Carve:

Another 3d carve (different project and cam angles):

Keeping the carve running at those speeds puts a lot of up/down forces on the system. I felt it was too much load for the stepper to take directly, which may be why before I did this mod I noticed slop building up there after a few hours of v carves.

So far the 608 bearing I’m using with this mod is holding tight. It has definitely been through more abuse than I’ve ever put the stepper bearings through, and still zero slop. I ordered some real 6mm ID 22mm OD thrust roller bearings I planned to play with of the 608 got sloppy too soon, but the 608 seems to be holding up so well that I may never have get around to that.


Nice! How are you slicing your logs? Large chopsaw, or just regular chainsaw and skill, or some contraption?

Thanks… I have a chainsaw with 28” bar that makes it easy to chop logs etc. I usually level both sides on the Cnc after the chainsaw, and that often takes about 1/2” worth of step down to clean up completely. If I was more careful with my chainsaw the cuts would be more flat and parallel, and Cnc leveling would go quicker. However usually I’m in the middle of a larger non Cnc related job when I cut them (like storm cleanup or felling, etc). So the conditions are poor and time is short… I often end up with poor cuts to keep my saw out of the dirt etc.

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