Z stepper grinds with no load on any pinout

My Z stepper was working fine after I finished my Primo build. I spent the last few weeks chasing down a Y axis wobble. With that solved, I screwed the Z stepper lead screw back in, powered up, and tested moving it - it vibrates and makes a grinding sound.

It’s the Nema 17 sold from V1E, and it has an extension cable I put together - the stock female plug connects to a Molex male plug which then goes to a 4-pin JST connector for the SKR Pro 1.2 board. All 4 pins show continuity at all points, but the grinding persists. I’ve reversed the Molex plugs - same issue. I’ve even plugged the stepper directly to the SKR, it persists. I took out the jumpers for Z1 and reseated them - no change.

Like I said, this was working without any issues. Anyone know what I should try here?

That happened to me once. I removed the lead screw and coupler from the motor and reassembled them making sure everything was seated correctly and it quit doing it. Something was misaligned and this fixed the problem for me.

I once had a stepper making grinding sounds, and it was because not all the wires to it were solid.

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Bingo, that did it. I had the Z stepper in a printed part with a tape measure, and it had either worn or cut through one of the stepper wires. A quick splice and it’s back to normal. I re-harnessed the wire and wrapped it in some e-tape before returning it to the printed part to prevent future movement after testing it for full X/Y/Z range of motion.


Cool. Glad you got it sorted out!!

I double wrapped the tape measure. First with a smaller mesh, then cable, then another mesh.

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