Z-probing and Marlin for dummies

Hey everyone,

I’ve just received this z-probe, and I’m excited about using it on my MPCNC.

I’ve recently completed the machine, and have been up and running for about a month with great results. This Z-probe is my next step. I have a couple questions about installing it, and have tried searching the forum to no avail. Maybe I’m just a dummie, but I hope you’ll bear with me.

I’m using the SKR 1.3 and Marlin 2.0 (compiled my own firmware). As I understand it, the Z-probe attaches to the Z- endstop pins. I then use a home command for Z, and set an offset corresponding with the height of the probe itself.

In configuration.h it seems that the z-probe is defined on line 832. In the next section, it seems I have to choose a type of probe. Does this matter - and what experiences have others had with these settings?

I can’t seem to find the line where I set the actual offset. It this not defined in the firmware? Alternatively I guess there’s a Gcode command I need to set up in Repetier - if so, what would that command be?

I’m not using endstops for any other axis yet. Is this a problem? I believe I can just home the Z-axis - right?

Thanks in advance.

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Don’t worry about the probe options, unless you are doing mesh leveling or something like that.

Connect it to the (s) and (-) pins. The (+) can short your board, so don’t use that.

Verify that it is working with M119. It will show OPEN and TRIGGERED. If it is backwards, you can invert it in the firmware. Otherwise, the firmware should be fine.

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Thank you so much, Jeff. That’s exactly what I needed.

Just to be clear - would this be correct way to connect the probe to my board?

skr - z minus pins