Z-max endstop mount

First off, I know of your warnings about dual endstops being unnecessary for most purposes and how it complicates things. However, I really liked the idea of having this (and messing around with the firmware), so I did my build with dual endstops from the start and it works perfectly. I’ve used the “Clean Dual endstops” from Thingiverse; I love having the endstops together with the motors to simplify wiring.

I’ve also just created a simple touch plate and hooked it up to my Roland-style drag knife. Once again, this works perfectly. It’s amazing to see how the tiny tip of the knife barely touches the plate and backs out.

Now I’m thinking to have a fixed touch plate somewhere on the work surface and use Z_SAFE_HOMING to first home X and Y, then move to the touch plate location and home Z. Now for my questions:

  1. The moveable stop blocks are great, but with a fixed touch plate I might have fixed stop blocks. The flexible stop blocks might move due to belt stretch / calibration. Also, I’ve already accidentally knocked one off a couple of times, which can mess up the machine. Should I go for fixed stop blocks? I’ll still keep the detachable stop blocks of course, for additional flexibility.

  2. I’m thinking to have a Z-max endstop as well. Most of all to prevent the Z-rails from jumping out of the bearings if going too high, but also to have the Z move to the maximum position before homing and tool changes. Because the machine starts without a calibrated Z and even if it’s homed it will be different depending on the bit, so I never know for sure how high it can go. I was thinking to add a Z-max endstop and just move it up to Z 200 and let the movement be interrupted by the endstop. Is this a good idea? What’s the best place to mount a Z-max endstop?


Your belts should not move, or perceivable stretch more than any other method. If they move no matter where the block is you will have issues.

1-A fixed point cuts into your usable area. If you have spare room make the machine smaller to gain speed and accuracy. You also are then forced to always use the same zero, I rarely care where the bed is. I always want to know where the top of the material is.

2-I prefer the simpler the better, just take a quick look at the tool before starting. No reason you couldn’t though.


I kind of expected this answer :slight_smile:

OK, I won’t worry about this then. I do still worry a bit about them falling off easily. Especially since this build is meant to be moved (tilted to go through doors) it’s easy to lose one.

What did you mean fixed point? Fixed stop blocks or the fixed touch plate? I understand what you’re saying about not caring where the bed is. I do think I will have a detached touch plate as well.

I mainly want it as a safety. No clue yet on where to mount the limit switch though, without interfering with the reach of the Z rails.

Dab of hot glue, to seal the belt in? Mine are on pretty solid but, I also never move it.


Fixed touch plate.