Z Length

Putting my machine together and had a thought. Is there any reason that you can’t/shouldn’t make the Z Axis longer than the machine calls for? Example, I am setting up for a 3 inch z travel so my z rails are 10.5". Can I make them 15" so in the future I could extend the legs? Or use a cutout in the middle of the machine to a secondary build surface like a 3d printer?

Then you will have a giant stepper weight wobbling around up top, for a Maybe situation.

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What would make more sense is making the legs about 1 inch longer, with the lengths that the calculator gives you the bottom of the Z pipes can touch the spoilboard, which is not realy usefull…

That’s a very valid point however on my machine running the DW660 the way the tool mounts is the issue, not the tubes. When I get my Makitas mounted the tubes will inherently clear the surface of the material because the Makitas have a long neck to them. However this will also amplify the leverage the bit has on the gantry.