Z Homing Issues

I have looked through the forums and cant find my exact issue. I all of a sudden this weekend started seeing my Z1 hang on homing/lifting especially if my core isnt homed on the other side. Like its too much weight to lift it. I havent changed anything on the gantry for awhile. Then I was trying to do a probe and it wasnt working. after some troubleshooting i noticed that the Z1 wasnt triggering the endstop. I rehomed Z again and it goes up, presses the endstop, comes back down slightly, like its supposed to, then its supposed to creep back up until it pressed the trigger again, but it doesnt. it just barely doesnt go high enough again to press it. So, endstops both dont trigger, so i cant probe. Any ideas? I went ahead and regreased the threads on both Z axis. Voltage to stepper? do i need more? not sure what is going on. it i keep trying to home it, sometimes it will hit it. maybe 1 in 6-8 times though

nevermind. this wasnt my issue. might be posting my root issue.