Z Height Between XY Tubes

I am trying to construct my own XY tube/pipe mounts using some TSlot profiles. I was wondering if somebody could tell me the Z height differences between the center of the pipes where they are mounted on top of each other in each corner.

Asking for the 25mm VERSION

i hope this picture makes it clear. Im looking for the length of the green line.


thanks for any help.

It would be the outside radius of the tubes times 2 plus the minimum thickness of the Spacer_Corner_X.STL that nests between them.

Since the tubes are the same it would be outer diameter plus your corner spacer min thickness.

I am not at the CAD computer right now. Best practice is to still use the spacer I provide.

thanks for the replies. unfortunately its hard to determine the Dimensions in the STL file … and i dont wanna print them just to measure. but thanks for the input guys.


The center to center distance of every build is 27.5mm.

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