Z endstop adjustment

During Z endstop calibcation I hit some (weird?) issues.
First of all the value is not saved into EEPROM. if I set the value using “M666 Z-5” command it appears in “settings” UI. Both M500 and “save” command in the UI seems to be working (OK status and “Saved into…” popup appears) but after reboot the value is gone. Only Y endstop adjustment value is there.
Second issue is even worse. While Z homing works fine without Z endstop adjustment it goes crazy if the value is set. Z1 side tries to raise after hitting the endstop (and skipping steps because it hits the limit) after few hits it stops doing this and continues homing sequence (goes down by 5 mm as it supposed to do)… Z offset works in that case though. Rebooting of the machine brings homing to “normal” because Z offiset is not set anymore.

DualLR, Lowrider v3, skr v1.2
Any ideas what can cause this and how to fix?

Looks like it’s some sort of display bug.
M501 shows that Z offset is actually saved and seems to work even if it’s not visible in “settings” menu. If M666 is used in runtime even with exactly the same value then it appears in the “settings” UI but homing issues start.

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