Z crash with A motor mount

G’day all,

Been building a MP3DP v4 over the last few months (after building a Primo). Thoroughly enjoying the build and the problem solving. Forum has been a great help.
Im curently in the process of getting my configs all set up corectly while i wait for my bed and heater to arrive.
Issue im having that i cant find a solution too is the front left Z mount crashes with the A motor mount when homing. I saw someone else had this issue but cant find the post.
Photos attached (ignore the mess still lots of tidying to do)

Thanks for a great product really looking forward to having this thing running.


Is the z motor post in the same place relative on each side. I have had issues with mybability to read my measuring tape in the past and wasted whole sheets of stuff.

@Jonathjon you are being summoned to solve your problem again. :smile:

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I’m the last person that needs to give advice on one of these lol. I’ve had every issue in the book and then some new ones too lol. Pretty sure @vicious1 cringes any time he sees my name pop up in conjunction with a V4 lol

But for me it was my belts were just a touch too short. Added just enough length to get them tensioned with the x/y motors far enough to clear the z


Thanks Guys,

Yep you were right @Jonathjon it was belts too short. Dont know why my brain insisted on having that extra room to tension the belts.
Now back to getting the configs right.

Thanks again

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Dang!! I was actually right on a V4! Woohoo!!! LOL.

Glad you got it fixed. They are awesome printers once you get them dialed in. Hopefully I’ll be able to get mine even more dialed in when I get back in town


This is why you are qualified to help. You’ve experienced the trouble so you recognize it.