Z Conduit Lengths?

So I am attempting to build a super rigid MPCNC that has 2" of Z movement. However, the calculator says that there is a minimum of 2.87". I see that a lot of people go with 2" of Z-axis movement for the rigidity and I am wondering how they are doing this.

Also, the cut calculator is giving me some puzzling numbers. I put in 2" as my Z-axis travel, but it states that I need to cut my Z-axis conduit legs to 1.5". It seems as if this length would not occupy the entire leg structure. Am I missing something (I probably am)?

I think the minimum 2.87 is what fills up the legs. Mine are touching.
You can take up the extra z travel with a thicker spoilboard or by mounting your stock on top of something.
Check out my teeny tiny build. I think I have pictures of all that.

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Here ya go.

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