Z Clamp tensioned correctly?

So I’ve got my Primo all put together. I was doing a test run on some MDF and everything seemed fine except for some z-axis “hopping” and what would seem to be potentially skipping. I chalked it up to bad cam as I’m very new to creating cam. I then noticed my z clamps. Wondered if these look right to you guys or if I screwed something up. And by right I mean it seems like there’s a lot of variance between them and the bolts are far from tight. In the one picture there’s a solid 1/8th in gap between the bearing and the z clamp. Any help is much appreciated!

Isn’t that normal? There is this small rim around the 8mm hole keeping the bearing on a distance from the clamp’s body.

In the first picture the bearing does not seem to touch the spacer at all, so it might be too lose. You have to be able to rotate the bearings by hand when they touch the rail, but it should not be too easy.

So maybe they are too loose. I can rotate them but its very easy, so maybe that’s part of it. Would that cause the z axis to skip? It seemed to cut fine till a certain depth then started skipping and caused it to think it was lower than it was therefore not cutting all the way through like it was supposed to.

I don’t know actually. For Z to really skip steps the leadscrew would have to skip and I don’t know if that’s even possible. Could maybe be the coupler? Or the drivers getting too hot and skipping steps.
Mind you, I am shooting more or less blindly since I am pretty new as well.

I appreciate the thoughts either way! I will have to check the z axis in more detail tonight. I doubt it was heat as the entire cut was 16min and this was one of the very first things it did. But hey maybe they do get that hot that quick. This was cut job #2 so I’m like SUPER green! hahahaha

Maybe loose set screws on the z coupler?

Will definitely double check tonight. Thanks!

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It is also a problem more than you would think

So I believe I found the problem. After staring at it for longer than I’d like to admit and giving the z axis motor quite the workout going back and forth. It would appear that when I lowered the z axis a certain amount, eventually the bolt head on the z clamp would hit the housing on the 660 on both sides not allowing the tool to go any lower. Leading me to believe that the bolts were probably to loose as Im 100% sure that Ryan factored clearance into those parts. I tightened them up a bit and seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you to everyone for your help!