Z axis won't move

My z axis is moving down but when I’m jogging it up , only the left motor will respond causing the right motor to make a grating noise. I went through the forums and checked the screws , I switched the jacks on the motherboard and then the issue moved to the right motor. Everything is leveled .
Rambo board with LCD screen.
Please help


That points pretty directly at the wires going between the board and the motors. They move down because gravity helps on the side that’s not being driven, but don’t move up since that side can’t push. Do continuity tests on the bad wires and I bet you’ll find one or more wires disconnected.


When I Take both motors off the frame , they are moving without problems . I’m about to switch motors with the jacks today .

Not sure if its important but I have a dewalt 611 attached

The rambo has two ports labeled Z. Don’t use both of those. Use one, wired in serial, or use dual endstop firmware, which would use E1.


i just tried this and 1 will go up while the other motor will go down. both is not going up or down together . is there any type of support from this company ?

@Ryan please assist .

You can rotate the connector of the motor that is turning the wrong way to get them to move in the same direction. But make sure you’ve disconnected the motor power supply first or you risk blowing a motor driver or fuse.


going to try now , thank you for helping

I have been following along, these guys are telling you all the right things before I even get here.


omg this is working , can you or @Ryan confirm if turning the dial left is up or down for the z axis please , so i will fix it before i test cut something
thank you

Positive numbers mean the Zaxis goes up.



You helped me with it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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