Z Axis upward travel from lowest most point

I will attempt to post a picture later as I am at work at the moment and can’t add any but here’s a short description of the problem I am having on my Z axis.

If I lower the entire gantry down to where it’s sitting on top of the roller assemblies, hope I said that right, in other words lower down completely…when I try to bring it back up one side acts like its having a hard time and will not move up, but if I manually move it up an inch or so…the motor will move it up on it’s own power nice and smooth like.

Its like that first inch or so something is binding on the one side and won’t let it come up under its own power. but everything is aligned well.


Pics to follow…

My first guess is that the leadscrew nut is binding. Maybe loosen the screws holding the nut in place a tad and see if it is better. It also needs lubrication.

Thanks! Didn’t think about that…I just tightened down everything and let her ride…not thinking something might need to be a bit looser…as for lubrication…everything was moving quite smoothly and I just hadn’t gotten to that yet…lol!

Ok. I bet the grease will fix it then. Those leadscrew nuts are tight.

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So I loosened the screws a smidge, maybe a 1/4 turn or so….then added the grease. And boom!!! Complete travel up and down!


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