Z axis stepper mounts, am I supposed to cut the mounting holes?

So bought the 3d printed parts kit and I see the holes for the guide rods for the Z axis, but there is no hole for either side for the threaded rod/stepper motor shaft or stepper mounting holes adjacent to the guide rod piece. Is this a misprint or am I supposed to cut them out? Pics enclosed…

You bought those from me?

Yes. From the shop on this site

I don’t see your order do you have an order number for me (so I can replace them) it is not showing up under your registered email on this side, I see some orders but not the plastic.

I just doubled check my Gcode and it is correct, I use the same one since the machine was made. All the sets I have on hand are correct. This is extremely odd. I have no idea how that could have even happened.

Don’t have the order number (Card transaction doesn’t show me), but I have a date and a city shipped to. My card was charged on 08/08/18 and it was shipped to Riverview, FL