Z axis homeing issues

I am having a problem homing my Z axis.

One the Z (z2 motor) goes up while homeing. Both move if you moving the axis in the setting but homing only one does. I think is preventing me from doing the probe test also because it doesnt do anything when i execute that probe command.

Y and X axis are good.

Using the SRK pro with latest firmware

I tried combing through the forums to find my solution. At one point i found it and now im going to fix i cant find it again so sorry for the repeat question.

The big parts that have to work for homing:

  1. The steppers have to move in the right direction. Z+ moves the tool away from the spoilboard.
  2. The endstops need to be “open” when not pressed and “triggered” when pressed. Check with M119, not a multimeter. Test this more than a few times, to make sure you aren’t getting intermittent noise.
  3. The Z2 motor beeds to trigger the Z2 endstop. If you get these backwards, then one motor will plow into the endstop while the other doesn’t reach the switch at all.

My guess is that your endstop is triggering either all the time, or sometimes based on noise. So it isn’t moving that motor. The way we have the endstops wired, a broken cable will show up as triggered. So that is my best guess.

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All set, did some rewireing and everything is good now. Thank you for you help with that m119 command

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