Z-Axis Home

Hello, I wonder how to home the Z-Axis on a MPCNC using a pen for drawing instead of a router/bit.


Just jog the Z to where you want it to be and use G92 Z0 to set the Z height.

Alternatively, if you had something that was precisely 1cm tall, you could make it touch that and then send G92 Z10.

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Hi Jeffb3, when you say send G92 Z10, I do have to add this line as first line to the g-code?

That might be tricky. It won’t wait around for you so the next move might be straight down.

It depends on your setup, but I was suggesting sending it manually from the computer with repetier host or from octoprint’s command window if you’ve got an attached pi.

You could do a G92 and then an M0 to pause while you move the block.

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Thanks Jeff3b seems I have still too much to learn.

Are you controlling it with the LCD?

It can be a lot. The machine is so flexible that there is a lot you can learn.

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Yes I have LCD, and end stop. I will try some online course so I don’t have to ask rookie questions here. Thanks.

I don’t think anything you’re asking is “rookie”.

The simplest solution is to put your pen at the 0,0,0 location and then choose the “set home” command in the lcd menu. Then you can move the pen up, put in your clean paper and run your gcode.

If this isn’t making sense, it’s at least 50% my fault. Ask some follow up questions and either I’ll explain it another way or someone else will pipe up with some good info.


Hi Jeffb3, it make sense of course, I think I am a little bit behind the learning curve, so I have to update myself. This forum really helps a lot, and you are very active, I am so grateful for this help otherwise my MPCNC would not be working by now :wink: