Z axis flexing

I’m running quite a large spindle motor that weights 5kg.

When I move the carriage to one side of the table, it actually drops in height as I get closer to the edge. On closer inspection, when I simulate a load close to the end of the x axis by pushing down, I notice the plywood that houses the skate wheels to be flexing and rotating.

Any recommendations on how to improve this?

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The 4 bolts should provide a lot of holding power. The wheel bolts can be tighter, and the tension bolts help to a lesser degree. It can happen, but should not be very noticeable. Although ply wood is pretty flexy and even birch ply was not nearly as good as MDF.

Thanks for your reply Ryan. Will have to make some mdf panels up then! All the other bolts are tight

One other thing I’ve noticed is that only 2 bearings are making full contact with the rail on the z axis. No matter how tight the middle bearing is torqued. Might look to see if I’ve got the right version/diameter tubes.

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If that is the case, another thing to check is how parallel your Z rails are. Take the entire gantry out of the plates. Measure the distance the tubes are apart at the top (in the clamps) and at the very bottom. That numbers needs to be the same. Check both sides.

This is adjusted by the 4 screws on each clamp. You can also check them with a square against the XZ bracket.