Z Axis dual homing

I have revised a Marlin to run Z dual homing. After many attempts I could say the firmware works. Since I’ve never uploaded codes before, I am wondering if someone could teach me. I want to share this with everyone.

Here are the some of the pictures:

Wiring setup:

Z1 to E Motor Driver

Z2 to Z Motor Driver

Z1 Endstop to Z Min

Z2 Endstop to X Max


Hopefull this works.

For the MiniRambo.

Config looks good. I think your DIR pin has an error, one is 42 and the other is 43. I think it is a good idea to steer E0 to some empty pins just in case as well.

I am just learning Git hub myself, if you do any further edits you can just fork my firmware from github and make your edits to the parts you change, that way any time I change the main stuff you just have to deal with your changes and not all of mine. But it was a learning curve for me, I use sourcetree in windows but have no idea how it is actually supposed to be done.




I am a novice at best with github. Ryan you could just use the firmware and share it.