Z Axis Direction Failure

Hi Everyone,

Normally I am using PocketNc for machining. But I made a 3D CNC with Marlin software. Everything is alright except Z axis direction. Its moving downward when it must go upward. Also its going upward when it must go downward. I mean spindle moves just the opposite side at Z axis. I am using Fusion 360 to create G code. I tried to change Z axis orientation at Fusion 360 but when ı do it X and Y axis are changing simultaneously. How can I fix this issue. If you can help me I will be very gratefull.

Sami Furkan OKYAY

Power down your control board and flip over the Z axis motor connector. This will keep configuration the same but change the motor’s movement direction.

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Oh how did I not think of that. I changed every setting on the Fusion 360 but I couldn’t think of it. Thank you so much