Z-axis build, leadscrew through brearing?

Building my Z axis and I am using the lead screw that came with the kit.

the pic below as instructed has the bearing into it. However the lead screw does not fit through it.

My question, with the lead screw I remove the bearing?


Thanks a bunch!

No you still use the bearing. Some of them are just tighter tolerances than the others you just need to sand or file just a bit of the lead screw.

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so I am struggling with this

my lead screw will not even start into the bearing it would take a fair bit of metal removal to get it to go through

sanding, filing the amount I would would have effect on the function, smoothness of movement of the z axis.


It is an 8mm hole and an 8mm leadscrew, some are really tight and some need to have material removed. You only need to work on the last 1.5". I used 120grit sandpaper on the last one I built. It should have zero effect on anything to with the nut, just the last little part sticking through the bearing into 10mm or so of the coupler.

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I had the same problem went I build my, the tolerance is a bit on the tight side, try another bearing, and like Ryan said sand down the lead screw. I put my in a drill press and sand it down with emery cloth sand paper, just need a little sanding just to take the edge off.

Another thing I did for that installation because every thing there is a tight fix is First install the Stepper motor on the bracket, then screw in the pineapple coupler on the lead screw ( this will also start hard, but will screw in ) then install the other end of the coupler to the Stepper motor and before tighting the coupler make sure went turning the coupler by hand that the lead screw is turning fairly straight, then tight the screws on the coupler. After slide in you bearing bracket on the lead screw up again the coupler, then slide in your two tubing through the two bracket until the second bracket even with the top of the tubing. Now before tighting all the brackets bolts and mounting bracket do like Josh from Flitetest would say ( Use the Table as your Friend ) Put the assemble flat down on the edge of a table to make sure the two tubing are parallel and then tight every thing down. But remember it only plastic so don’t over tight.

As usual Ryan is is correct!

little grit and and it worked


thank you