Z axis and LCD stopped working.

I built the MPCNC and have had it running for a month or so. Was doing some testing yesterday trying to find the best bit to engrave a piece of aluminum. After several successful runs the machine stopped and LCD went dark. I can still move the x and y with gcode, but the z axis is dead ( LCD is too. but I’ve disconnected that ) . Z axis motor is fine, tested it with one of the working axis drivers. I’m wondering if that was a heat problem with the mini rambo board ? Before I buy another board, do you think that was the problem board overheated ? I’ll put a fan on it this time.

Did you check the fuses? If you’re not using the extruder stepper driver, you can, by updating the firmware, swap the z-axis for the extruder driver instead of buying another board.

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Did you get metal chips on it?

Once a board works they are usually going to last, I would look for something that might have touched it? BT is on to something, fuses, but there would have to be a reason for them to go. Power supply, connection?

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I visually checked the fuses, I’ll put a meter on them this morning. I didnt see any chips on the board, I did have it in an enclosure. I did test the extruder driver and it moves the axis, so I may try that fooling with the sketch. Thanks for your help.

All the fuses are good. U7 on the mini rambo gets extremely hot. Too hot to touch, so maybe it was a random chip hitting the board? Anyway, went into the header file, pins_RAMBO.h, and changed the pin values of the z axis to the e0 pin values for ;






Then I moved the z axis to the extruder plug on the board. But I must have missed something. The z axis now works with the cnc commands, but z will only move in one direction?


Sounds like it is a endstop issue, run M119 and see what is says for Z endstop.

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Which firmware version did you start with when you made the edits? What is the end stop status (M119)?

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M119 shows all end stops - open. I’m using MPCNC813MRambo_GLCD_T8.

I think that’s on older version of the firmware. Try starting with MPCNC_Rambo_T8_16T_LCD from Ryan’s github page and make the same changes to the firmware.