YZ plate ~fits on prusa MK3/MK4 plate? (a pointy 2mm cut off)

I"m hoping to print this quickly on my MK4, then re-do it on the CNC. Just wanted to double check no one sees a problem with the pointy ends of these radius’ being cut off by a mm or two on either side?

There are a couple of options here. One is if you rotate it clockwise a little such that that slant on the right upper side aligns parallel with the right side, then it should fit without any tips being cut off. The other choice is to do a remix on the file and lop those corners off, so nothing sticks off past your print bed. There should not be any serious detriment to the functionality by doing that but I think rotating it, so that no surgery is necessary, is preferable.

This link shows were someone ( @Pyroschnuffle_110893 ) did the rotation method, and still needed to lop some corners, but the corners they lopped off were less likely to have any downstream detrimental effects.


Perfect, that’s do, thanks!

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Hey, since you’re talking about printing, remember to mirror them. That way the flatter top of the print can face inward on both sides. The bottom (that first layer that gets laid down on the print bed) has a mold/cast image of the imperfections of your print bed. Most printers with ABL / UBL will feather out those dips and mounds over the first 10 layers or so.

Thanks, it’s easy to forget coming mostly from 3d printers, which abstract nearly everything about the CNC aspect, that stuff that tiny can actually matter.

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