Your best / top speeds?

I was trying to find a post with this, but other than default values in the firmware can’t find much, sorry if the post is a duplicate

I am tuning my printer and at XY speeds 100mm/s, 1000mm/s travel with 1500mm/s^2 travel acceleration and 3000mm/s^2 print acceleration my printer shakes and this transfers to a heavy bed affecting prints. From what I read these speeds should be within the reach of any core xy printer with a good quality.

What are your good quality/fast and so-so top speeds and accelerations?

I had to turn my accelerations way down on mine. But it still prints plenty fast. I haven’t tried to push it yet. Most of what holds back print speed is how much plastic you can fit though the nozzle. I still need to run that test for my .06mm nozzle. But once you know that you can set whatever speed you want and limit it by the flow you can produce.