Yeti smart bench

Has anyone seen this thing? The setup looks awfully familiar.

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That was linked here before, didn’t someone else make it?

Oh. I guess I could have searched first.

Looks like a full blown product. Not sure it’s something you can DIY.

The site says their mini is $9k.

I didn’t mean it in that way. I just know I have seen it before, but I think it was a different brand. It would be funny if that $10k cnc was white labeled.

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Trend brought that brand or at least worked together.

Maybe in the Neat thread?

Good catch, and still Yeti. $10k, that is a lot of wiggle room to design anyway I want.

Maybe a collapsing workbench and the LR3 can pack up small like that. Your budget is $9000 :smiley: .