Yep, just did this


Awesome! That black and purple looks good!

Just imagine how good it would look if I hadn’t forgotten to put the core on before I tightened everything up… :slight_smile:


Not a problem - leave the top outer rollers off and you can fit the core without disassembling.


Actually I added and removed my cores several times simply by removing the nuts and bearings from the inner two on the lower end of the core. Piece of cake!


Did you make the sounds as told in the instructions? :yum:


I actually opted for mild profanity right before I took the picture.


But I finished up by getting the rail mounted last night and will work on belts and wiring today. Work is slow (real estate) right now so I’ve got the time. I’m doing a smaller table and the length of the strut plates looks to be almost all the Y I’m going to have available. I’m re-using the table I ran the primo on, and I don’t need a full sheet set up, so it’s a small LR. I’ve never had to tile a cut before so they might be my 1st attempt at doing it.

You know that you can put the core on the rails by removing the 2 bearings from the bottom of the core, right? you don’t need to remove the rail from the XZ plates…

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It lives. Successfully homes all axis, on to squaring.


Good lord.

I cut the strut plates, pulled the bottom bearings and off it came.

Back on though. No way in Gods green earth is it going back on. We’ll the core yes, but those 2 bearings are not even trying to play nice.

Sorry to hear it’s being difficult. I’ve replaced my X belt and re-done things and this always goes easy on my LR3.

How tight did you put the screws for the front strut plate? If you over tighten them you can spread the 2 pipes apart and make the core real tight to go on.

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Forgot to mention, but I also back off the 2 tension adjusting bolts 2-3 full turns


It’s probably user error. I pulled the side off and put it back together. It slides nice and smooth once it’s on.


Bob v2 is done, except some mods for a better dust shoe. I figured the best way to verify square was to do a few hundred little squares.


@DougJoseph Floating Dust Shoe has been working real well for me.

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That looks great!

When you build an LR3 that tall, it starts kinda looking like a recognizer:


Ha, ha. I was thinking the same thing!