Y squaring, best practices

I have the Rambo mini, so no double homing of the y available…

So I’m having anxiety over the y squareness relative to the x. It’s just so easy to bump the y out of square at any given time if the steppers are off. What’s everyone doing for squaring the y

I am still building my mpcnc, no claims to be an expert. Why is the y easier to unsquare than the x? Shouldn’t it be the same for both?

PS are you in Boston, MA?

Just pull the carriage up against the belt holders. They should be mounted square to your table.

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the origional MPCNC, can’t speak to it, but the low rider has two independent belts and steppers driving each end of the carriage. If they aren’t powered on, they move easily independently, and ruin the square you got by dragging the carriage 8 feet to the end.

Similar to what Barry said, I just pull them to the end when starting up. I also turn the Z screws a little to make sure the couplers aren’t stretched.

After that, I move with powered motors, jogging via CNC.js. The two steppers stay in lock step. I did a similar thing with the MPCNC.

When I get to the workpiece origin, I send G92 X0 Y0 Z0.