Y Axis won’t home

Just got a longer table how would I modify Y travel distance? Y axis stops homing because table is longer!

If the problem is the common one, the issue is that you are trying to home from a distance that is beyond the table size defined in the firmware. The simple solution is to move the router within the table size distance before you start the homing sequence. The latest V1 maintained firmware defines the table size:

// The size of the printable area
#define X_BED_SIZE 600 // 200
#define Y_BED_SIZE 600 // 200

So, if you move the router within 600 mm / 24" of your home position before initiating the homing, it should work.

If you want to fix the problem, you will need to reflash the firmware with a new value for Y_BED_SIZE. These values are in configuration.h, and they cannot be modified by g-code.