Y axis wobble

When my y axis moves in the positive direction I get a lot of wobble and it is pretty loud. I was going to order new bearings, but I thought I would check here first. Maybe an alignment issue. I tightened the zip ties pretty tight when I built the machine. Maybe too tight?

Sounds like you have a loose wire or poor connection on one of them. Or you are trying to move it too fast, no more than 100mm/s just to make sure.

I am only running 40mm/s max. I will check the wiring, but I suspect a bearing is at least part of the problem.

Then loose connection, if one wire is loose it is only running both steppers on 1 of 2 coils.

You were right. I reseated the stepper cables in the ramps board and it is smooth now. Thanks for saving me from tearing apart the machine!