Y-axis bearings not riding on conduit

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Had a fairly smooth first time build with the lowrider and have it cutting great however after squaring the machine I noticed that the front right y-axis bearing is not riding flat on my 25mm conduit. It seems as though it is quite back-heavy. All my plates are 6mm aluminium. Any ideas?

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I would check your heel/toe measurement on those side plates to make sure your plates are parallel with each other. I would also check to see if your conduit is bent just enough to cause the issue.

I had a similar problem with my machine, which ended up being a combination of the two things listed above.

I would also check to see if it’s off the entire length of travel, as that may hint to what it tweaked.


Alternately, you could crack loose your gantry end clamps on both sides, home the machine, then retighten to see if the gantry will pull itself into alignment on that rail.

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Cheers, will give those suggestions a go tonight