Xtool d1 Pro 40W Laser

Thoughts on using the Xtool 40W laser on the low rider v3? Is it overkill?

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I guess that depends on what you are using it for?

I am in the process of talking myself out of using a laser on the lowrider.

I think by the time you add the laser unit, power pack, air supply, and cover or at least proper smoke extraction there’s not much in the way of cost saving, and you don’t have the hassle of having a machine that is always in the wrong mode when you want to use it! :wink:

I’m happy to listen though.


The “module” that XTool sells is an upgrade kit for their D1 and includes an upgraded control board. It is unclear what would need to be done to make this module work for a Lowrider. When I look at the pictures, the connector appears to have separate wires for each laser diode. I think these wires run to the control board. I wouldn’t purchase this module unless you have clear instructions for someone on how to add it to a third-party machine.

As for whether it is overkill, for laser cutting, I so no. I have a Primo with a working area of 32" x 24", and I’ve done projects that push one or both the edges. With my more anemic 10W module, cutting these large pieces is sloooow. I wish for a larger laser module.

One thing I’ve considered is purchasing a laser engraver with a 30W pr 40W laser module, then modifying the machine so I can quickly swap the module between the engraver and my Primo. The only use case where my Primo is better is cutting large projects. For all other projects a machine built and tuned for laser engraving/cutting will be better. The only thing stopping me is cost. Engravers with the higher power modules cost more than my Primo.

Edit: here is a picture of the D1 40W connector with the many wires. Until recently, laser modules had only three or four wires running from the module to the control board…power, signal, and maybe temperature.