X/Y endstops statics

I’m still waiting to get my endstops delivery so I’m thinking…
Mount would be easier if the endstop is attached to a static part (like a modified block ring).
As on 3D printers (mine :slight_smile: ), endstops are statics and the truck do the clic.
I saw an advantage: less moving wires.
Am I wrong ?

Your argument has some merit, but that is not the path of least resistance. If you purchased dual end stop wiring from Ryan/V1, all the wires have six connectors, four for the stepper and two for the end stop, so wiring things up is easy if you place the switches on the trucks. Ryan also has mounting holes for the screws for standard end stops on the trucks, and the Primo files include a stop that straps on the tubing to trigger truck-mounted switches. So from an engineering point of view, static is a bit better, but you will have to reinvent wiring runs and mounting hardware. If you decide to go static anyway, you might be able to use some of the end stop mounts and triggers created for the Burly, which can be found on Thingiverse.

I bought endstop in china, and for the moment I’m still in “flying wiring” :wink:
I saw truck special part to host the endstop and the rings for tubing.
I’ll have a look at burly’s style for that point

With the endstops on the trucks, all the wires (motors and endstops) can ride together in a single bundle from their location all the way back to the control board. Both the switches and the motors are firmly fixed to the trucks, so there’s no flexing of the wires at these connection points due to the natural motion of the machine. Yes, the wires are moving, but the need to solve motion-induced problems in the wiring is all in one place, if you understand what I’m getting at.

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