X-endstop block on the belt is too flexible

I am building the older version of ZenXY since I already have most of its hardware. I am running into a problem with the triangular block that is supposed to depress the mechanical switch of the X endstop. As soon as the triangle block attempts to press the switch, the belt on which it is mounted caves in. As such, the block moves out of the way and goes around the switch without pressing it.

How is it suppose to work and what can I do to get past the problem?

A little more tension on the belt will (probably) solve that. You can make the belt a little shorter with the loops at the core, and tighten the zip ties a little tighter. There should be enough tension there to depress the switch.


Thanks Dan. That helped. I also extended the surface area of the block by adding a small strip of plastic so that it definitely catches the switch. The homing is reliable now.