X Axis noise - bearings?

Has anyone ever heard this sound before?

It seems like it’s only on x pos moves. And worse (like above) at low speeds. I do hear what may be ‘grinding’ and some subtle squeaking at normal speeds. If I rest my fingers gently on the sliders as it moves it feels rough. Remember when I built this thing some of the teeny bearings dropped out of the linear bearings. Time to replace them?

I noticed when I was releveling the bed after soldering that sliding the x back and forth was not a smooth, free feeling motion.

Wow. Just watched that. Sounds WAYYY worse than real life!

Reading the manual for my new i3 Prusa MK3. It says we should grease the linear bearings every couple months. Could take it apart but instead I just greased the rods and moved it around. Silenced a similar rattle I was getting a few days ago. Now the noise on my printer is coming from the fan.

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That’s easy enough to try.

Lubed. Who knew.

I better leave it at that. Hahaha…

Lol. I have used so many printers for so many years. I never knew until this last week. I feel kinda like “well duh”.

It’s strange that it’s only in one direction.