X axis binding up

Seems my x axis is binding just a bit along the 2x4 rail. Guessing maybe the pipe is just touching the 2x4.

The belt is properly tight, and works well except for this one area.

Any thoughts on what to check and how to fix?

Hmmmm, sorry I answered the other thread before I saw this. If the belts idlers and wheels are good. I would say make sure you aren’t pinching the table too hard with the “tension wheels” (Whatever we should call them). The z axis bars generally shouldn’t be touching the table and if they do it should be very lightly, maybe check that.

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X is to the right along the 2×4 rails…

I’ll check the idlers and such, though it does work perfectly for all but maybe 20mm of the distance.

Maybe binding up isn’t quite the right description. I think the belt skips. But it’s only in that one place and the belt teeth look fine.

I watched the rails as it moved a bit… there is probably an 1/16" - 1/8" gap between rails and 2x4 edge.

I’ll also check the gear on the stepper tomorrow…

And a related note… my z axis stays up in the air if I turn power off. Perhaps I should lube the lead screws…

Or a little less tension on the bearings.

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Mine was making a lot of crunchy noises until I lubed the Z. Seems important to me.

The binding is interesting. Is it binding just under power, or just when moving it with your hands? Can you see where it’s binding? Here are some thoughts. To check if it’s the table thickness, you can remove the bottom wheels. If it’s too wide, I think the first thing to hit is the short tubes. Mine will bind if I move one side more than the other. Can you also see that the wheels are tracking parallel to the edge? The wheels might not be parallel to the edge of the 2x4s, and then they would go to one side at one end, which could bind against the spoil board, maybe.

I’m assuming you’re saying the stepper motor is skipping, not the belt actually jumping on the gear.

X problem seems to be that the wheels were too tight… loosening the nuts so the wheel spins freely solved the issue.

Lube on the z screw took care of the noisiness I did have and made so one of the two screws does fall when power goes off. The other z screw does seem to be a bit too tight, guess it gets taken apart this afternoon.

On the lead screws. Make sure it’s going in straight. I ended up sanding the part that holds the nut so it would be straight heading into the coupler.

Hmm… that could be part of the issue on the Z…

X turned out to be several things.
Skateboard wheels too tight
The bearings holding the z tube were too tight
And an unfortunate 2x4 location was just hitting the lock nut.

It runs smooth as glass now with the only oddity being the Z axis doesn’t fall on its own weight.

Honestly that is not a bad thing, besides it isn’t the norm, but I wish it didn’t fall.