X and Y

So, now that I can move things it’s time to try and mo0ve them in the right direction. Which motor is X and which is Y? Since they don’t move in obvious ways (both steppers need to move for either an X or Y move) I can’t just move one axis in Repetier-Host and look to see which motor moves. I’m currently saying the axis moving from the motors to the end is X and the center axis is Y. With the setup I have X moves as I’d expect, Y is reversed.

So if the table was put together and you were looking down at the “sand”, if the steppers were closest to you, the left one will be x and the right will be Y. The plugs go in facing the same direction.

Y will be away from you. The firmware should home Y before X.

So the X stepper is the one with the end stops. The X end stop is the angled one?

Sorry I didn’t hear my email.


The stepper with the endstops will get plugged into the X port and yup the angled endstop is the X one.