Wrapping my head around the LR3 - Z Travel?

I see people homing LR3s online and the Zs go all the way up. How high does that go? And if I understand correctly, it’s when the Z is actually nearest the bottom that it’s most rigid?

It goes as high up as you build it, but usually around 9ish cm? I have never really masured it. And you do understand it correctly, it is most rigid near the bottom. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I think I’m understanding how to make these things work for me.

Yes, a “stock” build has linear guides and lead screws that are 150mm tall. Some of us used Dan’s (@SupraGuy’s) “extra tall” YZ plates (or a remix thereof) to use 200 mm tall lead screws and linear guides. But either way, it homes to the top of whatever you made it for. Opposite direction of heading down to go to work, where it gains rigidity as it moves to the lowest it can get. For me the extra height was not because I planned on doing CNC work at that height, but simply for being able to get under it easier, and to be able to hop it over things as needed. The tall versions of the YZ plate can be found at one of my listings here:

I use the extra height for the same, really.

FWIW, I have 12mm plywood YZ parts for both standard 150mm rails and 200mm rails that are spare. Yours if you want them.

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I’m not gonna say no to an offer like that either! Thanks so much Dan. I’ll get in touch in the next week or two.

Okay Dan, I’ve got all the files sliced. I know you don’t use EMT but do you happen to know what “our” 3/4" EMT O.D. is so I print the right braces?

I could use the yz plates. standard or the other. My printed ones dont seem that straight

I’m not Dan, but I just preinted a set of 23.4 mm parts and they perfectly fit the 3/4 EMT I"m using.

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23.5 is the 3/4 conduit OD.

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Well, I don’t mind but I’m in Canada and shipping is spendy. Better to order from Ryan if you can. I was offering Kelly because he can pick up local.