Worn out BLTouch Pin?

I just looked at the BlTouch on my Ender 5 plus and the pin looks worn, perhaps even tilted.

How would this affect the measuring? And is it worth changing to a new pin?

Ps. It´s to dark to get a good picture right now.

My BlTouch came with an extra pin.

One thing to check is the Z-offset. If the probe is shorter as a result of the tilt/wear, then the Z-offset is no longer correct. If I remember the details correctly, that would make the first layer a little too far from the bed.


Hi Mike,

thank you for your reply!

Mine didn’t come with an extra pin but I could order one if the one I have really is worn out.

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If it’s bent, change it. It’ll eventually get stuck and you’ll end up with a crash.

I tried taking a photo on the pin while it was moving but it didn’t focus correctly. I need to stop printing parts for the lowrider v3 and take a picture of the bltouch pin.

The pin isn’t bent, the tip of the pin could be tinted. Like if the top has been draged against the glass somehow.

Have you tried bltouch alternatives?

I’m running an Euclid probe.

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Looks cool. What 3d printer is that?


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